Registration FAQ
When can I register?Registration Week is the "last" week of each month from Monday at NOON until the following Monday at noon. You can reach the Parent Portal from the "Home" page, "Class Info" page, or the bottom of this page. Click HERE for a 2017 registration calendar. If you're new to DSG, we encourage you to call us before Registration Week to ask any questions you may have about our classes and programs so that you are prepared for the official registration. Registration opens before the office does, so there may not be a representative available right away.
Why does it say "Call" next to the class list?Registration is not open at this time. If you have questions about our classes or programs, please feel free to call! However, we cannot register your child until Registration Week opens.
Did my enrollment go through?Please make sure that you get a confirmation email! If you do not receive one, check your junk mail and then call us to confirm. You can also check your enrollments in the Parent Portal to see if your child has any active or upcoming enrollments. If your registration didn't go through and you contact us right away, we may still be able to get your child into the class before it fills. Many classes fill up by Monday night, so please be diligent in checking for your confirmation email immediately after the transaction.
Why is it asking me to "Request" the class I want to enroll in?This could mean that your child is too young, too old, or the wrong gender for the class you are trying to register for; it will ask you to request even if your child is only a few days too young. Please read the class description to make sure this is the class you need, then click Request. Your spot in the class will be saved until the office can confirm or deny your request. Double check that you request the correct class for your child; we can not guarantee your spot in the correct class if you request the wrong one.
Can we make-up a missed class?Sometimes. This is a very special exception that we make ONLY if there is space in another class day for your child's level. Call the office before your usual class is missed to reserve your make-up class. Make-up days are not guaranteed and missed classes are not refunded; account credits will be given for unexpected gym closures that cause you to miss a class, but not for absences. 
Class Mobility FAQ
When will my child move to the next level?Please scroll to the official Class Mobility Policy below this section on this page. Gymnastics requires athletes to accomplish skills in a specific, progressive order to be successful at the higher levels and it is a sport that greatly challenges both your child's body and mind. You will receive an email before Registration Week so that you may register for the approriate class before it fills and your child will receive a special red note attached to his/her certificate on the last day of class when he/she moves up.
What is a normal amount of time to spend in each level?There is no "normal" standard in gymnastics. Because this sport requires a lot of strength, coordination, and repetition in order to be successful, your child's advancement is a direct reflection of how strong they are physically, how coordinated they are, and how many days per week they practice gymnastics with the appropriate supervision. Since DSG is a small club, our current class levels cover a broad range of skills, which means there are a lot of things to master before moving to the next level and that this may take some time based on the factors listed above. Expect that your child may spend multiple months or possibly even until they enter the next age group learning to safely and correctly perform all of the needed skills at each level. Please  take into account that this sport can be "scary" and your child will also need to be mentally strong enough as the skills get more difficult.
What does my child need to do to move up?At DSG, we require a few specific skills to be mastered (accomplished completely alone with great form and technique) at each level as well as many other skills to be very near mastery before moving on to the next level. This is for the safety of both your gymnast and our coaches, as it can be dangerous for the athlete AND the spotter to perform skills too advanced for an athlete's ability and strength. Your child must also demonstrate a positive attitude with no self depricating comments, no "I can't!" attitudes, and a respectful demeanor towards all coaches. Please confer with your coaches throughout your child's career; they can give you a better idea of what your child needs to focus on during class.
When will my child start to compete?At DSG, we require our gymnasts to be proficient at their level before they enter the competitive arena and our proficiency requirements are begin their progressions in our "Invite Only" classes: Shining Stars and Nova Stars (the same level for different age groups) are focused on Level 3 competitive skills and must have mastered all but 6 of those skills to move to Pre-team. Pre-team gymnasts focus on mastering the remaining Level 3 skills while learning the competitive routines and can only be missing one single skill before being invited to our Level 3 Competitive Team. After Level 3, all gymnasts must master 100% of the required skills for the next level in order to advance.
Birthday Party FAQ
How do I book a party?You can reserve your date at any time online by clicking HERE or you can call the DSG office at 701-663-1174.
What days are available?We offer up to five party slots on Saturday and up to four party slots on Sunday. We hold regular classes on Friday, so we are not available for parties that day.
Can we bring food?Yes! You can bring any food or drinks that you'd like, but it must all remain in the party room. There is no food (including juice boxes, candy, gum, etc) allowed past the baby gate. We also have a refrigerator and freezer for your convenience.
How early can we arrive?You and your guests may arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Please understand that there is likely a party before and after yours, so we would appreciate you arriving and leaving as close to your party's scheduled time as possible.
General FAQ
What makes this program better than the competition?We don't promote that our program is "better," but we do our best to be the "right" program for you and your family. DSG maintains very low athlete to coach ratios and small overall class sizes compared to other ND clubs, tries to create a positive family atmosphere in the gym, and helps reinforce personality traits such as hard work and cooperation in our athletes. We believe that these skills will help them both socially and professionally as they grow up and during life after gymnastics. Only you can decide if our philosophy is the right fit for you and your athlete.
Is this program fairly priced?We do our best to match known ND tuition prices based on the time commitment of the classes. However, since many clubs have higher gymnast to coach ratios than DSG, your athlete gets more attention for your dollar during each class with us.
When are Board Meetings and can I attend?The DSG Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of every month in the back office. The Annual Board Meeting, where members are elected, is held in September. All current DSG members are welcome at all board meetings!
Can my child do private lessons?Private lessons cost $25 per hour and may be scheduled depending on qualified coach availability. We do NOT offer private lessons as an alternative to gymnastics classes, but as a supplement to achieve a specific skill goal or for needs that are not offered in our regular classes. We do not offer private lessons for athletes who are not currently enrolled in the DSG Team, DSG Pre-Team, or MHS Braves Team during the competitive season from December 1st-March 31st.
We didn't have or left school early  today. Is there class tonight?DSG will follow Mandan Public School's policy regarding weather closings; if Mandan's schools are closed or close early due to inclement weather, DSG will also close. We usually ARE open on non-school days unless it is a family holiday we recognize, such as Easter Monday. If you are unsure whether your child's class is cancelled, please check the DSG Facebook page for up-to-date closure information.

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Registration opens at NOON on Monday of Registration Week and closes at noon the following Monday.
Registration FAQ is listed on the "Class Info" page. You can now reserve Birthday Parties online, too! See the "Special Events" page for party details.

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