DSG is a non-profit organization that uses fundraising to keep tuition costs affordable for our customers. Funds raised go towards equipment purchase and repair; currently, we have a $100,000 equipment goal for our new home in the Starion Sports Complex.
We use BIG fundraisers (earning 40% profit or more for DSG) and convenient "set it and forget it" fundraisers to make fundraising easy for our supporters. We are always open to suggestions regarding new fundraising options in which our member families are interested or involved.

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50/50 Raffle at Dacotah Speedway

This has been a BIG fundraiser and family favorite for decades!
How it works: DSG families sell raffle tickets during the races and events at Dacotah Speedway from May-August. The winning ticket is drawn at intermission of each race and the winner gets 50% of DSG's total ticket sales for the night!
Volunteers for this event are asked to arrive at Dacotah Speedway by 6:15 p.m. on regular race nights and sell until the winner is drawn at intermission. After the drawing, volunteers and their families get to stay and watch the remainder of the races for FREE (be sure to mention that you are working the raffle when you enter the speedway - YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY TO GET IN!). Click the link to view the SignUp for this event: http://signup.com/go/ycyuCz

We ask all new volunteers to sign up for a "Support Family" spot; they will need an experienced family scheduled with them at their first few races to teach them the process. (An experienced family has done the races at least twice before signing up for an experienced spot.)

Donate to DSG on GoFundMe.com
Want to contribute to DSG without having to buy anything?

We now have a GoFundMe account to accept donations towards our $100,000 equipment goal for our new space in the Starion Sports Complex! Please click HERE to donate.

Set it and forget it!

Set it, forget it, and each time you use these sites or services, you'll automatically be supporting DSG!

Mandan Chiropractic Clinic
This is a special local Star Sponsor "Giving Back Program" specifically designed for DSG members!
How it works:
*New patients schedule an appointment with Dr. Erik Isaacson by calling 663-0480 and mention that you are a DSG member.
*When you and/or your insurance company pay for your visit, Mandan Chiropractic Clinic will donate $25 to Dakota Star!
*When DSG receives this donation, we will credit HALF of that donation right back to you to use towards tuition or pro shop items.
*After your first visit or if you're already a regular customer, each time you need chiropractic care and visit Dr. Isaacson, MCC will donate $5 to DSG and you will get DSG account credit for half of each donation.

Amazon Smile
This is probably the most convenient fundraiser you'll ever try! All you have to do is go to www.smile.amazon.com, log into your regular Amazon.com account from the Smile page, and choose Dakota Star Gymnastics as your charity of choice. From then on, simply by logging in through smile.amazon.com*, a percentage of all your Amazon purchases will go directly to DSG. There are no order forms to turn in, no money to collect, no extra money to spend, and no deliveries to be made!

Make sure the circled phrases appear after your first purchase with Amazon Smile:

*Please note that donations will be made ONLY through purchases made by logging in through www.smile.amazon.com. If you make purchases on your phone or tablet, please log in to Smile.amazon.com from your device's browser and save that page to your homescreen (it works just like an app) instead of using the official Amazon app!
Schwan's Online
This fundraiser is easy AND delicious! This sale is simple: Order your favorite Schwan's treats and meals online using fundraiser code 32052 and Schwan's will donate to DSG. You can link our organization directly to your account; it will automatically donate each time you make an order and your Schwan's delivery person still gets their full commission from your sale. There are no order forms to turn in, no money to collect, no friends/family/neighbors to pester, and Schwans delivers directly to your doorstep!
Click the link to get started: www.schwans-cares.com/c/32052

Schwan's donates 20% of all product and 40% of eCertificate purchases during the sales event to DSG; you can only purchase one eCertificate per person, but you can use that eCertificate towards product during the sales event to get 40% AND 20% on the same dollars!

Official sales dates are renewed each quarter! Click the link for official dates. 
After the official sales event ends, DSG will continue to collect a 5% credit for all orders using our special code (32052) until it's time to renew our code!

If you are involved in or know of any fun fundraisers that DSG isn't offering, let us know! DSG is a non-profit organization determined to keep our tuitions as affordable as possible. In order to do this for our customers, we budget to earn a sizeable portion of our annual income through fundraising and sponsorship. We are constantly seeking interesting and lucrative BIG Fundraising options (BIG Fundraisers earn 40% profit or more) as well as local business sponsorships that may help minimize the amount of individual fundraisers we need to accomplish our goals. If you have any comments, ideas, or information, please contact the DSG office.