Dress Code for Special Events
For girls: For boys:
Leotards are preferred, but tight-fitting shirts, shorts, and pants that do not have zippers, buttons, ties, skirts, ruffles, or large bows are acceptable until a leotard is obtained. Shirts, shorts, and pants that do not ride up or fall down during gymnastics activities are required; compression shorts/briefs are highly recommended underneath shorts and pants. No zippers or buttons.
Shoes, socks, tights/nylons, costumes, and jewelry are not allowed in the gymnastics area.
Please bring a water bottle to all DSG classes and events. Due to building issues, we now have a water cooling machine rather than a water fountain. Thank you for your cooperation!

DSG now hosts Public Hour events for separate age-groups every* Saturday!
Public Hour gives children and adults in our community a no-commitment opportunity to enjoy gymnastics.

Hour #1
Age 11-Adult
Public Hour #2
Ages 10 and under
When: Every* Saturday
10:45 a.m.-11:45
Every* Saturday
12:00 p.m. - 1:00
What for who: Skill training or safe "play" for ages
11-Adult, Team,
Pre-team, and
Braves gymnasts
Open play for children ages 10 and under ONLY.
This event is NOT for serious skill  training.
Details: DSG Pre-team and
Team gymnasts may
be under 11 y/old
Children under 4 years MUST be accompanied by an adult
Wiavers: An activity waiver must be presented or signed upon arrival for all participants with an emergency phone number provided; for children under the age of 18, a parent/ guardian must sign the waiver. Children who wear diapers/training pants, need assistance in the restroom, or are under the age of 4 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
Click HERE for the printer-friendly waiver!
Cost: $5 per person**
*This event is available every Saturday unless DSG is closed to the public due to a holiday or another Special Event, such as our Spooky Spectacular or a meet hosted by DSG or MHS. Please check our Facebook page for closings.
**DSG members may purchase punch cards in the DSG office at a discounted rate.
This discount is available to current DSG member families only and must be purchased from the DSG office during regular business hours.

For safety reasons, we are able to accommodate a maximum of 12 children per available staff member or volunteer; our goal is to have an event capacity of 36 children at each event, but please understand that this may not always be possible.

When: ***Special Dates Listed Below***
2/11: Valentines Date! 7 p.m.-9
What: An affordable babysitting alternative: Open play in foam pits, on trampolines, and more! This event is NOT for serious gymnastics skill or routine training.
Ages 4 (fully potty trained) to 14.
Children attending this event must be at least 4 years of age, potty independent (i.e. Able to go to the bathroom alone; no diapers or training pants. Please be available if there is a potty accident.), and under 14 years of age.
Waiver: The activity waiver must be presented or signed upon arrival and an emergency phone number provided.
Click HERE for the printer-friendly waiver!
Cost:  $10 for the first child per family & only $5 per each additional child in that group.**
NOTE: Pre-registered spots are reserved for the first 15 minutes, at which time unclaimed spots will be made available to walk-in customers. For safety reasons, we are able to accommodate a maximum of 12 children per available staff member or volunteer.
Reserve Saturdays or Sundays year-round!  We give you 1.5 hours of exclusive access to our club, can accomodate nearly any sized group, will clean up for you, and our staff is very flexible regarding the activities for the event in order to make your child's birthday exactly what they wish for!  
Cost: $105 for up to 15 kids (Total excludes adults and small children who are too young to play). Want to invite more guests? Add only $5 per each additional child. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date; the remainder may be paid at the time of the deposit or immediately before the party begins.
Waiver: A blanket waiver must be signed by the party host before the party can begin; this includes a waiver release as well as safety rules that must be followed during the event. If you do not wish to assume responsibility for your guests, click HERE for printable individual waivers for your guests' parents to sign.
Days and Times: School Year: Slots from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. on Saturdays and 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. on Sundays Summer: Slots from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturdays and 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. on Sundays
Reserve: ONLINE:  Click HERE to view and reserve available party times; click the date to see which are open and which are taken! Please plan to reserve your spot at least two weeks in advance - Parties will not be scheduled within one week of the event due to staffing procedures. Gymnastics party slots fill quickly, especially in Winter and Spring months!
Arrive and Depart: You may arrive up to 10 minutes before your scheduled party time to decorate and discuss activities with the coach(es). We ask that your group exit the facility within 10 minutes of your party's end time. Please be mindful that there are likely events scheduled before and after yours. Guests will not be allowed in the gymnastics area before or after the scheduled party time and will be asked to wait in the lobby.
Compare us to other gymnastics parties in ND!:
Dakota Star Gymnastics (Mandan) - $105 for up to 15 kids; add $5 per extra child. One hour and 30 minutes to play, eat, open presents, etc whenever you please during your time slot and we clean up for you! You can also choose to play the entire time.
Bismarck Gymnastics Academy (Bismarck) - $105 (non-member) for up to 12 kids maximum. One hour for play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts; you must clean up.
TNT Kid's Fitness and Gymnastics (Fargo) - $140 for up to 10 kids maximum. There can be two parties running in the gym at the same time. One hour for play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts.
American Gold Gymnastics (Fargo) - Cost is at an unlisted tiered rate based on how many children attend up to 15 kids maximum. One hour for play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts; you must clean up.
Red River Valley Gymnastics (Grand Forks) - $120 (non-member) for up to 8 kids, $170 for up to 14 kids, and $220 for up to 21 kids. There may be classes or other parties running at the same time. One hour is allotted for gym time and one hour specifically  for refreshments.
Valley Twisters Gymnastics (Valley City) - $85 for up to 10 kids; add $5 per extra child.
Western Stars Gymnastics (Williston) - $120 for up to 10 kids or $150 for up to 20 kids.
Three Rivers Gymnastics (Wahpeton) - $80 for up to 15 kids; add $5 per extra child. 1.5 hours of play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts.
*Information obtained from each respective club's website in October 2015. These were the only ND clubs with information listed publicly.

Daycares, headstarts, preschools, grade schools, home school groups, family reunions, church groups, and other organizations: Rent our facility for field trips!
Open Format  Structured Class
Type: Private Public Hour event. Structured gymnastics classes.
Cost: $5 per person per hour, minimum of 10 guests, with additional non-DSG staff [read: adult/ teacher/ daycare provider] supervision required from the attending organization $60 per child for 8 classes, minimum of 5 children ages 3-12 years. (We suggest maintaining a small age range per group for the best learning environment.)
Please call to schedule your event or class session at least two weeks ahead for staffing purposes.
Special groups who choose DSG:
-St. Joseph's Early Years Learning Center/Daycare
-Exploring Minds Development Center
-Nancy Barth Home Daycare
-Kidz First Child Care Center
-Carly's Kids Home Daycare
-HIT Inc.
-Watch Me Learn & Grow Daycare
-Lutheran Social Services
-Mom's Club of Bismarck
-Shiloh Christian School
-Standing Rock Head Start
-Bismarck-Mandan Area Home Educators
-Little Einsteins Daycare