2015-2016 Teams

Pre-team and Team

Pre-team gymnasts work hard year-round to prepare their minds and bodies for level 3 competition. These gymnasts are specially selected graduates of Shining Stars and Nova Stars and practice up to 6 hours per week.
Compulsory Level gymnasts (Levels 3-5) perform USA Gymnastics mandated and choreographed routines at sanctioned competitions throughout North Dakota and the surrounding areas. These teams practice up to four days a week, year-round, building the muscles and skills they need to become "the big girls."
Optional Level gymnasts (Levels 6-10) perform personalized routines created around a strict set of rules and requirements set by USA Gymnastics.  These "big girls" are judged not only on their ability to perform their skills correctly but also on how well they are able to incorporate their individual personalities into each of their routines. DSG optional gymnasts practice up to four days a week, year-round, building the muscles, skills, and mental toughness they need to achieve the coveted Level 10 status.

Mandan Braves Varsity

NDHSAA high school gymnastics offers competitive gymnastics opportunities for 7th-12th grade girls who choose to persue school recognition for their dedication to the sport. After petitions from students and the Dakota Star Gymnastics club, Mandan Braves Gymnastics was reinstated in 2012 after a 5 year hiatus. Though spots on the team are currently available to gymnasts of all abilities, it is highly reccommended that girls planning to contribute to the team score participate in classes at DSG year-round to advance their skills to a level at which they can safely and confidently compete.


is the powerhouse half-time entertainment for many local area basketball games.
They practice only once a week but always put on a great show. We made big changes to Showteam for the 2016-17 season. This year's team ranges from Mini Stars to Team and is split into two official levels: the 24 gymnast Blue Stars team (top photo) and the 16 gymnast Red Stars team (bottom photo). We also transitioned from being a parent-run program to a coach-run program like the rest of DSG's classes.
*Try-outs for this team are held annually in the Fall, and the season runs from November-February.

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