Birthday Parties

We offer our guests exclusive access to our gymnasium, can accommodate nearly any sized group, the full party time can be used to play if you'd like or you can eat/open presents towards the end of your time slot. We'll even clean up the mess for you. 

Would you like obstacle courses set up? Want to play tag games? Want to be left to your own imagination? Let the coaches know when you arrive! Our staff is very flexible regarding the activities for the event in order to make your child's birthday exactly what they wish for!

Are you a current DSG member? Save $25 on each party you host with us!

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Book Online

Book your party ONLINE!

Click the "Birthday Parties" icon to view and reserve available party slots, now offered in 1.5 and 2 hour time options.


Please plan to reserve your spot at least two weeks in advance. Party slots often fill quickly, especially in Winter and Spring months when North Dakota forces us to have our fun inside!

Helpful Hint:

You must log into the Customer Portal to make a reservation. Create an account if you don't already have one OR click "Forgot Password" if you lost your login info. Contact the office at 701-663-1174 if you have issues!

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Guests & Prices

How much does a private party event cost?

  • $195 for 1.5 hours

    • $170 for current members

  • $225 for 2 hours

    • $200 for current members

The above pricing is for up to 15 children, including our birthday boy or girl and their guests.  

  • Guest total excludes small children who are too young to play.

  • Adults are unfortunately not allowed on the equipment for insurance reasons. 

  • Want to invite more guests? Add only $5 per each additional child to your total! 

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date; the remainder may be paid at the time of the deposit, online at any time between booking and the event start time, or with cash or check immediately before the party begins.

Please note:

If an extreme mess is made to the extent that we need to cancel/limit the next event or call in professional assistance, such as throw up in the foam pit, an additional charge will be applied.

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Do I need to sign a waiver?

In short, YES!

The long version:

  • You did sign a waiver when you created your account; however, specifically for birthday parties, a blanket waiver must be signed by the party host before the party can begin. This includes an official acknowledgement of the injury release as well as acceptance of the safety rules that must be followed during the event.

  • At the bottom of this waiver is a roster for your guests to sign accepting all of the same policies as the host; please let your guests' parents know that they need to stop inside to sign for their child in order to participate in the fun!

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Arrival Time

How early can I arrive?

You may arrive up to 10 minutes before your scheduled party time to decorate and discuss activities with the coach(es).


We ask that your group exit the facility within 5 minutes or fewer of your party's end time to allow the staff to clean and set up for the next event.

Please be mindful that:

  • There are likely events scheduled before and after yours.

  • Guests will not be allowed in the gymnastics area before or after the scheduled party time.

  • If a group arrives early, they will be asked to wait outside of our facility in the Starion Sports Complex concourse until 10 minutes before their scheduled time with courtesy to the previous party and staff.

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Compare us to other gymnastics parties in ND!:

AGG Logo.png

American Gold Gymnastics (Fargo) 

- Cost is at an unlisted tiered rate based on how many children attend up to 15 kids maximum. One hour for play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts; you must clean up.

RRVA logo.jpg

Red River Valley Gymnastics (Grand Forks)

- $120 (non-member) for up to 8 kids, $170 for up to 14 kids, and $220 for up to 21 kids. There may be classes or other parties running at the same time. One hour is allotted for gym time and one hour specifically  for refreshments. 

Western Stars Logo.png

Western Stars Gymnastics (Williston) - $120 for up to 10 kids or $150 for up to 20 kids.

BGA Logo.png

Bismarck Gymnastics Academy


 - $105 for up to 12 kids maximum. One hour for play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts; you must clean up.

Three Rivers Logo.jpg

Three Rivers Gymnastics (Wahpeton) - $80 for up to 15 kids; add $5 per extra child. 1.5 hours of play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts.

Gymagic Logo.jpg

Gymagic Gymnastics Club 

Offers three options:

  1. $185 = 45 minutes for play and 45 minutes for food/gifts for up to 12 children; extra guests are $10 each.

  2. $250 = 1 hour 15 minutes for play and 45 minutes for food/gifts for up to 12 children; extra guests are $10 each.

  3. $225 = 45 minutes for play and 45 minutes for food/gifts for up to 12 children; extra guests are $10 each. A small area will be designated for nerf target practice.

TNT Logo.jpg

TNT Kid's Fitness and Gymnastics (Fargo) 

- $140 for up to 10 kids maximum. There can be two parties running in the gym at the same time. One hour for play and 30 minutes for cake/gifts.

JGC Logo.jpeg

Jamestown Gymnastics Club 

Valley Twisters Logo.jpg

Valley Twisters Gymnastics

(Valley City) 

- $85 for up to 10 kids; add $5 per extra child.

*This information was obtained from each respective club's website in August 2020. These were the only ND clubs with information listed publicly.