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MHS Braves Gymnastics Team

With facility and staff support from Dakota Star, Mandan High School offers competitive NDHSAA gymnastics opportunities for 7th-12th grade girls who choose to pursue school recognition for their dedication to the sport. 

After petitions from students, Dakota Star Gymnastics club members and coaches, Mandan Braves Gymnastics was reinstated in 2012 after a 5 year hiatus. The team currently offers a Varsity Squad with gymnasts participating from each grade level. Though spots on the team are currently available to gymnasts of all abilities, it is very highly recommended that girls planning to participate in this program enroll in classes at DSG year-round to advance their skills and strength to a level at which they can safely and confidently compete.

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Is your gymnast interested in the Braves team? 

Here is some information to help your and your gymnast decide if the Braves team is right for her:

  • The Braves team is for gymnasts of any ability level in grades 7-12 in the Mandan Public School District. If your athlete lives outside of this district, she may participate if a co-op exists with her school district.

    • If a co-op does not yet exist, contact us and we will work with the schools to create one.

    • If you attend school in the Bismarck Public School District, including private schools, you unfortunately cannot compete for the Braves team. However, DSG now offers USAG Xcel levels Gold through Diamond as a high school alternative for gymnasts in any community who love our coaches and want to continue participating in our program!

  • The Braves team skill requirements are quite different than the USAG club levels, but your gymnast can certainly participate in both groups if so desired and requirements are met. She is not allowed to compete both teams at the same time, but she can "drop back" to Xcel or JO Optional levels after the high school season ends. 

  • The Braves team offers an extremely affordable opportunity to compete gymnastics. There are no monthly tuition charges or meet fees during the official season; the majority of your gymnast's needs from November through February are included in her $60 activity fee paid to the school in November. 

  • The Braves team offers a flexible competition roster, meaning that your gymnast may participate on all events or may only compete on 1-2 events depending on her current abilities. This means that she is able to compete even if she is not yet proficient on all four events, which is not an option in club levels.


If the Braves or Xcel teams feel right for you and your gymnast, here is some information to get her started:

  • Your athlete may begin practicing with the Braves/Xcel/DSG Optional level team beginning as soon as the March session or as late as November!

  • Year-round practice is very, very highly encouraged. Most teams throughout the state practice throughout the off-season to obtain higher level and safer gymnastics skills, so your gymnast practicing year-round helps her keep up with the competition as well as maintaining safe training standards.  (Please note: Xcel level gymnasts have specific requirements that must be demonstrated before competition registration is offered.)

  • During the off-season, your Braves gymnast is only required to practice three days per week. She will be required to practice 5 days per week during season. 

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Gymnastics Page


This page has all of the NDHSAA information for gymnastics that is currently available. You can view everything from the first official practice date, to current score rankings (updated by NDHSAA each Wednesday during the season), to the actual score sheets the judges use to evaluate the athletes.

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New 2023-2024 Coming Soon

Team Handbook

This team handbook contains all of the rules and requirements for participating on the Braves team as set by MHS, NDHSAA, and Dakota Star Gymnastics. 

School Bus

Google Spreadsheet Coming Soon

Travel Itinerary

This spreadsheet lists meet dates, bus pick-up times, competition times, and more to help gymnasts and fans plan ahead.

Contract Signature

Printable or Editable PDF 

Travel Waiver

This signed document allows your gymnast to ride home from meets with YOU. She is required to ride to the meet on the bus and is not allowed to leave the meet with anyone other than a guardian. This signed document states that you accept responsibility for and relieve the coaches of responsibility for your athlete once she walks out of the meet facility. It must be turned in before competition begins. 

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MPS Payment & Form Site


MySchoolBucks is the website MPS uses for many school related tasks, including registration and payment for school sports. You can pay your gymnastics activity fee and complete most paperwork here!

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