Public Hour Events

Public Hour gives the members of our community a no-commitment opportunity to get active, burn some energy, and enjoy gymnastics!

Please note:

  • If Public hour is ever cancelled, we will post on our Facebook page.

  • Our weekend staff does not have access to the office or credit card capabilities; there is a Starion Bank ATM in the facility's main concourse for your convenience.

Public Hour Event #1

Ages 11-23

Saturday 10:45 a.m.-11:45  

$5 per person

This event is intended for skill training or safe "play" for ages 11-23, Team,* Pre-team,* Showteam* and Braves gymnasts.

*Children under age 11 are not allowed to participate in this event if they are not current members of the DSG Team, Pre-team, or Showteam groups. Ages 10 and under who want to "play" should attend Event #2. Adults over age 23 cannot use the equipment per our insurance policy; we are looking for an affordable policy that allows adults.

Public Hour Event #2

Ages 10 and under

Saturday 12:00 p.m.-1:00   

$5 per person

This event is intended for open play for children ages 10 and under. This event is for play only, NOT for serious skill training. Team, Pre-team, and Showteam gymnasts under age 11 who want to play are welcome at this event, but may not work on their skills for their team group.

What needs to be signed?

Each guest walking through the double doors into the gymnastics area to participate or observe must sign in on the waiver roster and include an emergency phone number; for children under the age of 18, a parent/ guardian must sign the waiver.


Children who wear diapers/training pants, need assistance in the restroom, or are under the age of 4 MUST have an adult present in the gymnastics facility throughout the entire event.

Capacity Requirements

Per our insurance policy, we are able to accommodate a maximum of 8 children per available staff member or volunteer. Our goal is to always be able to accommodate 24 or more guests, but please understand that this may not always be possible.

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Gym Rules

Please read the rules above and included in your specific event's description before reserving your event spot. These rules are in place for the safety of our guests, our staff, and DSG as a business. We ask that all guests be courteous to our coaches as they enforce these rules.

Public Hour Dress Code

The dress code is in place to help ensure your child's safety and enjoyment while at DSG. Shoes, socks, tights/nylons, costumes, and jewelry are not allowed in the gymnastics area.

For girls: Leotards or tight-fitting shirts, shorts, and pants that do not have zippers, buttons, ties, skirts, ruffles, or large bows.

For boys: Shirts, shorts, and pants that do not ride up or fall down during gymnastics activities are required; compression shorts/briefs are highly recommended underneath shorts and pants. No zippers or buttons.

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