Public Hour Events

Public Hour gives the members of our community a no-commitment opportunity to get active, burn some energy, and enjoy gymnastics!


Please note:

  • If Public hour is ever cancelled, we will post on our Facebook page.

  • Our weekend staff does not have access to the office or credit card capabilities; there is a Starion Bank ATM in the facility's main concourse for your convenience.

  • Public Hour is not intended as a structured class or coach-lead learning event. Coaches might be able to help an athlete with a skill for a few minutes, but their main duty is to ensure the safety of the entire gymnasium space at all times. 


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Event #1

Ages 10-23

Saturday 10:45-11:45 am



This event is intended for ages 10-23, and gymnasts ages 8 and up who are part of Nova, Team, Pre-Team, Showteam and Braves gymnasts.

Adults over age 23 cannot use the equipment per our insurance policy; we are looking for an affordable policy that allows adults.

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Event #2

Walking to Age 9

Saturday 12:00-1:00pm



This event is intended for open play for children ages 9 and under. This event is for fun play time only, NOT for serious skill training, routine practice, or coach-lead structured class curriculum.


Adults over age 23 cannot use the equipment per our insurance policy. If your little gymnast needs assistance, you may be present with them on the silver carpet and puzzle piece areas.

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Do I need to sign a waiver?

In short, YES!

The long version:

  • An activity waiver must be signed upon arrival with an emergency phone number provided per our insurance policy. Guests will not be allowed inside the gymnasium area without signing the form.

  • We ask that you please be available at the phone number you put on the waiver in case there is a potty accident or injury that requires your assistance or immediate attention.