Rolling Sessions: Registration is ALWAYS open online! Once you're enrolled, that spot is yours until your gymnast changes levels or takes a break. Never lose your spot in class again! No openings in your child's level? Sign up for the wait list and we'll call you as soon as there is an open spot.

Wait List: If the class(es) that fit your schedule is(are) full, enroll on the wait list! Then, don't stress about watching for an opening; as soon as a spot opens or we add a new class for that level, we'll call you! The wait list is the only way to get into our most popular classes at this time. (Please note: Since movement on the wait lists is entirely dependent on another child giving up their spot or additional coaches becoming consistently available to add another class at a certain time,  it is impossible for us to estimate wait time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!)

Pricing: Prices are dependent on the length of class and how many day per week enrolled. Click "View Class Availability & Pricing" above for more accurate ranges.


Preschool Classes

$35-$40/month (45-60 minutes per week)

  • Parent Tot - 45 minute class for ages 18 months to 3 years with their parent(s)

  • Nursery Stars - 45 minute class for age 3 years with or without their parent(s)

  • Kinder Stars - 60 minute class for age 4 years without their parent(s)

Girls' Recreational Classes

$38-$55/month (60-105 minutes per week)

Little Stars:

  • Mini Stars - 60 minute class for ages 5-6 years

  • Twinkling Stars - 75 minute class for age 7 years

  • Shining Stars - 90 minute class for specially invited gymnasts ages 5-7 years (Invitations are based on observations in class and skills achieved)


  • Rising Stars - 75 minute class for ages 8-9 years

  • Shooting Stars - 90 minute class for age 10+ years

  • Nova Stars - 105 minute class for specially invited gymnasts ages 8+ years (Invitations are based on observations in class and skills achieved)

Boys' Recreational Classes

$38-$45/month (60-75 minutes per week)

  • Monkeys - 60 minute class for ages 5-7 years

  • Apes - 75 minute class for age 8-14 years

Team Levels

$45-140/month (2-12 hours per week)

These gymnasts follow a very strict list of skill requirements set by USA Gymnastics. DSG requires all gymnasts to be able to complete these skill requirements safely and with good form before being allowed to participate in the team program at the desired level. Because everyone's minds and bodies are different, it may take your child anywhere from a few months to a few years to achieve competitive team status; two to three years of gymnastics training is an average progression time before reaching Team, but your child's results may vary. Contact Coach Amanda with questions.


$35-$45/month (45-75 minutes per week)

These gymnasts are our powerhouse performers at events year-round! We offer a Winter Showteam and Summer Showteam season by try-out only. Please watch our Facebook and Website pages for try-out details. 

Special Groups

Contact Us for Details

Daycares, headstarts, preschools, grade schools, home school groups, church groups, and other organizations: Rent our facility for field trips or fitness options! Please call to schedule your event or class session at least two weeks ahead for staffing purposes.


Open Play: Children are allowed to play on the equipment freely, similar to our Public Hour events. $5 per person per hour with minimum of 10 guests. An adult/ teacher/ daycare provider employed at the attending organization must remain present in the facility throughout the event.

Structured Class: Children learn the same skill sets as their age appropriate DSG recreational class level. $60 per child for an 8 class session, with a minimum of 5 children ages 3-12. (We recommend no more than a full two year age gap between children in the same class. I.E. Ages 3-5.) An adult/ teacher/ daycare provider employed at the attending organization must remain present in the facility throughout the event.

Groups that have chosen DSG:

  • Bismarck-Mandan Area Home Educators

  • Carly's Kids Home Daycare

  • Exploring Minds Development Center

  • HIT Inc.

  • Kidz First Child Care Center

  • Little Einsteins Daycare

  • West River Head Start

  • Light of Christ Schools

  • Lutheran Social Services

  • Mom's Club of Bismarck

  • Nancy Barth Home Daycare

  • Shiloh Christian School

  • Standing Rock Head Start

  • St. Joseph's Early Years Learning Center/Daycare

  • Watch Me Learn & Grow Daycare

  • Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs)

  • MREC Roosevelt

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Gym Dress Code

Our dress code is designed to help ensure your safety and enjoyment while at DSG. Shoes, socks, tights/nylons, costumes, and jewelry are not allowed in the gymnastics area.

For girls: Leotards are preferred, but tight-fitting shirts, shorts, and pants that do not have zippers, buttons, ties, skirts, ruffles, or large bows are acceptable until a leotard is obtained.

For boys: Shirts, shorts, and pants that do not ride up or fall down during gymnastics activities are required; compression shorts/briefs are highly recommended underneath shorts and pants. No zippers or buttons.

Tuition Rates

Class tuition is based on a 4-week monthly session. During sessions with 5 class weeks, you receive one week of gymnastics FREE! Holidays and other closures are prorated automatically. Prices are available in the Parent Portal. Click the button at the top of this page.

Private Lessons

One-on-one sessions  may be scheduled upon request depending on qualified coach availability.

  • We do NOT offer private lessons as an alternative to classes, but as a supplement to achieve a specific skill goal or for needs not offered in our existing classes. 

  • Ideal for team level gymnasts needing a mobility skill, dance and cheer acro skills, soccer flip throw-ins, etc.

  • During the competitive season from December 1st-March 31st, we do not offer private lessons for athletes who are not currently enrolled in the DSG Team, DSG Pre-Team, or MHS Braves Team.

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