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Grade-school Girls


Grade-school Boys

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Dakota Star Team

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Dakota Star Showteam


Braves Varsity


When can I register for classes?

Registration is ALWAYS open online!

Once you're actively enrolled in class, that spot is yours until your gymnast changes levels or takes a break - Never lose your spot in class again. 

No current openings in your child's age-group? Enroll on the waitlist; this is often the ONLY way to get into our most popular classes!

What is the waitlist and how does it work?

The waitlist is a queue of students wanting to enroll in a specific class on a certain day and time; this process is very similar to waitlists for popular daycares and pre-schools. When a gymnast leaves that specific class, the first child on the waitlist is offered the open spot on the roster and we continue down the line until the spot is accepted.

To enroll on the waitlist(s), use the registration button at the top of this page to sign up for all of the day options that work for your schedule and we'll call you as soon as there is an open spot; feel free to participate in other activities while you wait! As long as you got a confirmation email for each day you added to your cart, don't stress about watching for an opening or checking in with us; as soon as a spot opens, we'll call you. 

Can I schedule Private Lessons?

One-on-one sessions may be scheduled upon request depending on qualified coach availability and the following conditions:

  • We do not offer private lessons as an alternative to recreational group classes, but as a supplement to achieve a specific skill goal or for needs not offered in our existing classes. 

  • Not offered in the summer 2022. 

What does gymnastics cost?

Prices are dependent on the class program (Pre-school, Grade-school, Developmental Teams, Competitive Teams, etc), actual length of class, and how many day per week enrolled. We do have a $50 membership fee due once per year; this fee allows participation in classes and gets you a discount on parties! See below for specific prices for our recreational groups as of June 2022.

BONUS: Since we don't do traditional "sessions" or "semesters," our class tuition is based on a 4-week monthly session. During sessions with 5 class weeks, you receive one week of gymnastics FREE! Holidays and other closures are prorated automatically. 


Parent Tot & Nursery Stars (18mo-3y)

1 day/week = $45 per month

Kinder Stars (4 years)

1 day/week = $45 per month

Mini Stars (5-6 years)

1 day/week = $50 per month

Monkeys (Boys 5-7 years)

1 day/week = $50 per month

Apes (Boys 8+ years)

1 day/week = $55 per month

Twinkling Stars (7 years)

1 day/week = $55 per month

Rising Stars (8-9 years)

1 day/week = $55 per month

Shooting Stars (10+ years)

1 day/week = $60 per month

Xcel Prep (Invite Only- 7+ years)

1 day/week = $60 per month

2 days/week = $115 per month

Showteam (5-13 years)

1 day/week = $55 per month

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