Showteam Performance Groups

Showteam is the powerhouse half-time entertainment for many local area basketball games, community events, and more! They practice only once a week but always put on a great show. We made big changes to Showteam in 2016, transitioning from being a parent-run program to a coach-run program like the rest of DSG's classes and we split the group into two official levels: the beginner/intermediate Red Stars team and the advanced Blue Stars team.


Try-outs for the Winter Showteam are held annually in the Fall and the season runs from October-February. Summer Showteam performances are open only to  Winter Showteam members and Team gymnasts.

Red Stars   (Top Photo)

Our Red Stars group consists of recreational and "Invitation Only" level gymnasts specially selected during Fall try-outs. Because Red Stars gymnasts are generally not actively competing gymnastics, Showteam is a great opportunity for these athletes to experience performing their skills in front of a crowd.

Blue Stars   (Bottom Photo)

Our Blue Stars group is our advanced team, consisting mainly of "Invitation Only" and Team level gymnasts. Showteam is a great opportunity for these athletes to practice and perform skills that may not be included in their requirements for competition levels. It's also a fun change for the Team gymnasts to perform their skills in front of a crowd without worrying about the judges!


2017-18 Showteam Handbook

This handbook includes all of the rules and participation requirements as set by Dakota Star Gymnastics.

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