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Why gymnastics?

Studies show that youth athletes are better students and , have stronger social skills. Click HERE to read an article  about the benefits of being a student-gymnast, then read the class descriptions below.

Mini Stars

Primarily Ages 5-6

Independent Recreational Class

Mini Stars is the first "beginner" level in our girls' developmental recreational program. Mini Stars focus on building self-confidence while properly developing the basic tumbling and dance elements.

Kinder Stars > Mini Stars > Twinkling Stars > Rising Stars> Shooting Stars.

Twinkling Stars

Primarily Age 7-8

Independent Recreational Class


Twinkling Stars is created to build the tumbling and dance elements learned in Mini Stars, while introducing more complex elements and concepts.

Mini Stars > Twinkling Stars > Rising Stars> Shooting Stars.

Rising Stars

Primarily Ages 8-9

Independent Recreational Class


Rising Stars is very similar to twinkling stars. Rising Stars focus on building self-confidence while properly developing the basic tumbling and dance elements learned in twinkling

Mini Stars> Twinkling Stars > Rising Stars > Shooting Stars 

Shooting Stars

Primarily Age 10+

Independent Recreational Class


Shooting Stars reinforces and builds on the tumbling and dance elements learned in Rising Stars, while introducing more complex elements and concepts.


Mini Stars > Twinkling Stars > Rising Stars > Shooting Stars.

Xcel Prep 

Age 7+

Invite Only Recreational Class


Xcel Prep is our special invitation class for ages 7+. These gymnasts have participated in Rising Stars and/or Shooting Stars, and have been specially selected by their coaches and the Head Coach based on their skill performance AND attitude. As our gymnasts move up the levels, we expect them to grow both as strong athletes as well as respectful, determined, and team-oriented young ladies. 

Xcel Prep gymnasts will continue to obtain and refine the skills listed on the Xcel Silver testing sheets. To be invited to join Xcel Prep, gymnasts MUST tryout at the designated tryout dates. These teams practice one or two days a week, year-round, working hard to accomplish their goal of joining the Team.

Helpful Hints:

        Tips for an easy experience

1. MAKE SURE you get a confirmation email for any enrollment or party reservation you make! This is proof of your transaction in case there is a glitch in the system. 

2. Double check that the birthdate and YEAR are accurate on your child's profile in your account; our classes are restricted by age, so an incorrect birth date will limit their eligibility for class enrollment. It is also good to double check that his/her name is spelled correctly.

3. As long as you received a confirmation email, the transaction was successful and your spot is saved in the system. There is no need to call or email about your pending enrollment! You can always check your enrollments in your Customer Portal account.

How does she move up to the next level?:

Our regular recreational classes are first based on age upon initial sign-up, then based on ability as your gymnast becomes proficient in the curriculum. 

The specifically required skills for mobility at each level are listed in each class description on this page. We also look for a willingness to follow direction, determination to push themselves (even during the repetitive basics or when it's "too easy"), and the confidence to respectfully ask questions of the coach when something is unclear, challenging, or painful. 


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